Outstanding commentary Ray, as was the reference to Mozart's Requiem.

Thank you.

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I agree with this wholeheartedly “it’s not your brain; it’s your cage. Addiction is largely an adaptation to your environment”

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Uh, oh!! Fascinate means 'a spell', 'witchcraft', 'allure.

I WITHDRAW this interest.

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You do manage to get 'the little grey cells' firing.

So many concepts, will put one to start.

Concept 3: Euthymia

With areté and eudaimonia we can get to our last idea of the Greek philosophers: euthymia. Seneca used this word to describe a feeling of calm confidence we have when we are living an authentic, meaningful life. We are in accordance with our deepest sense of who we are. Euthymia is the feeling you get when you follow your true path.

Since this 'called to me', euthymia, following your true path,

I put this forward.

Side point, or main point? Not the first time I've been 'shocked'

to learn the etymological path of a word?

Generally, I've seen it's 'down', into darkness.

I was surprised, maybe 'shocked', that ORIGINALLY, many years ago, that addiction might be considered 'a highest good' since

it embraced following, studying a worthy personage

(Or God, in my case). And it included the term 'assigned'

which in Christianity means 'called'.

Christianity is complex, and easy to get wrong, take the wrong way.

But for me, 2FollowHim is my highest path.

We all get impressed with this or that: for me, it was

the amazing, true adventures, if memory serves(long ago),

a lady who 'helped out' in a handicapped school, Mary McCracken(?) who was GIFTED. Her profound?, 'miraculous'?

events surely brought what SEEMED like happiness to me.

So simple. For example, she'd carefully watched this

non-verbal, barely moving little girl, I think noticing she

glanced (quickly, then away) at a CERTAIN magazine.

Mary put this magazine slightly up too high, (but not impossibly high), and went on with her teaching. Eventually, this girl

MADE the effort, GOT the magazine, and!! ..began to

SAY WORDS from it. It was breathtaking.

For me, then that 'high calling', is my magazine I intend to get and read.

We certainly can, through the original meaning, NOT the

dark, downward devolution,say I have been 'assigned'(addicted)

to this.

Ah, now, look what you did?

Now, I must study the etymology of 'fascinate'.

Thank you, 'fascinating', (I hope).

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Some of this was way out there for me, but I'm a new subscriber and will keep at it.

The rats and their cages made me think of the lockdowns and the rest of the tactics some of us faced more than others, depending to one's local/state leadership. They know what human beings need and they act accordingly. Is it any wonder so many of us are in the state we are in?? :/ Thank you!

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The Pursuit of Happiness is a natural right, achieving it not so much. Read another substack riff on the rat park study that claimed they eventually got bored, fat and addicted to electronic screens or mirrors or something.

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Never thought of it like that. But it does mirror the delusions of addiction. Easy to see that the masses are addicted to Peer Pressure...

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Excellent, on 🎯, timely, thanks . Vaccine belief, clearly, has powerful ‘identity’ dimensions, now being used to full effect.

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For me, I could never understand why the rich b-tards are NEVER happy! With all that money, clothing, cars, homes, plastic looks, food, alcohol/drugs one would think they have it all. More of us poor slobs are way more giving than anyone else I know! This same ideology applies to those who belong to a "church". Most hypocritical people in the world. I know - I was raised in a "Roman Catholic" family. Observing Mass on Sundays and Holy Days does not absolve one of "sins". They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

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I always wondered why filthy rich celebrities were getting so screwed up on drugs rather than renting a race track and taking driving lessons.

Must be another factor compared to Rat Paradise.

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