This explains why my dog food today smells like something died in it. I bought it from H‑E‑B I think. Texas something. Today, I was getting the dog food out of the bin and it smelled bad. Like maybe a rat died in it or something. A couple of ladies told me, do not buy dog food make it. Rice and hamburger meat. That is going to cost me a heck of a lot more money.

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Thanks fer the nod, Ray! Long time ago I had a lovely, kind elderly neighbor (who'd been livin' in her rent controlled apt. since the 1930s!) When $ was short she ate cat food 'stead've tuna. She was 89 an' in GREAT health (later that year a foolish medi-cull pro-see-jure killed 'er--grrrr). Cat food ain't the same now--of course. 'member the melamine in the dog food from chyyyyna that killed a lotta pets? Yup....

ps cats n' dogs is carnivores! feedin' kibble ta carnivores is just feedin' 'em gmo-cereal (the extrusion temps are so HOT that the wheat/corn/soy acrylamides form AND all nutrition is KILLED ta make them toxic pellets!) Grassfed human-grade meat, wild sardines, pastured eggs! is what these critters crave! (no, it t'ain't cheap but y'are what'cha eat! an' ya save money on vet bills! In fact ya won't likely need a vet if ya feed yer pets a raw diet)

PPS I couldn't comment on the "controlled opposition story" (no worries) but I 'spectfully disagree with them she's singlin' out--all've 'em in fact. Happy ta agree ta disagree with yer friend thar, but but be that as it may, re the WHO Treaty she summarily dismisses (Roguski is a good guy but sure, she doesn't like the man...she's gotta right to her onions!) but anyway, it ain't a lil' ol' sneeze in the handkie ta just ignore 'er wipe away! It's a giant blast'o snot meant to cover us all--"poimanently"--so I like this take on it from Jon Rappoport:


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I'm sitting next to my dog while reading your exceedingly important article, Ray. We both thank you for shining a light on this darkness.

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This line confused me: "When pigs are offered GMO and non-GMO food, they always choose the former,". I would have thought it would be the latter. What did I miss?

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My dog eats better than many people. Grass fed pastured no abx, lamb, venison, bison, beef, turkey, eggs, and beef liver. I fear the day meat is no longer available.

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I love eating pet food! I eat it almost each day in the formed of canned mackerel- some of the highest amount of DHA is found in this oily fish, which helps our brains regenerate at night using our bodies' own DC electric circuit: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/the-best-brainfood

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When i become a human cadaver i want to be turned into compost...

I'd prefer that when a human cadaver i'm buried in a special 'plantation cemetery', wherein the cadaver provides plant-food for the sapling planted atop...I'll become a tree-spirit, or spirit-tree...(Provided 'i' havent flown off to Greener Pastures)...What better way to inter all the toxic wastes from medications & foods that have accumulated in my flesh n bones ?

As such plantations dont yet exist locally, i'll settle for being composted...

PS. My Mum never called me her pet, but the food she fed me was ok...

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My last two cats and my partner died of cancer. I had no Idea the food we were eating was the disease vector.

I’ve switched to a carnivore diet. My cats should have been eating meat instead of ‘cat food’.

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Grow yer own

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