Indeedy, do give Cabaret another viewin' if ya haven't seen if since you were a teen! Again, I think it's veerrrrry dark and everyone ends up miserable......a story fer our times!

FWIW, here is some stuff on the "camps"--there is a ton out there so this was a quickie search; not all of this is "cherce" historically speakin' an' not sure sure if this'll have ya "change camps" (unlikely I know!) but as I said, that's OK by me...

One problem I think is that many people mis-learned the history and were told that all camps had gas chambers which was not at all the case. Many were told that it started out with killing an' culling and that too was NOT the case. Also, from all I've read only about 1.5 million of those who died in the "camps" did so in gas chambers. There were mass shootings and other means of culling (some folks were even set on fire...) but again, there is SO MUCH to it an' there are others WAY MORE expert than me in this area that have done the "homework" to speak on the topic with a lot more info. than I have at hand so this all is FWIW... I know there are many who dismiss it all...









Last thought...

Most but not all of the structures of the gas chambers were destroyed by the Nazis when they saw they would lose the war and didn't want these (worst) war crimes exposed (obviously); I'll argue that this is not unlike what happened during "Satanic Panic" when the underground rooms and tunnels to/from McMartin school were all filled in to cover up the elaborate crimes and many to this day still think the whole McMartin story was just that...no truth to it. Destroying a structure is not all that hard (not ta wax ironic but they certainly had the "labor" to do it).

ps Eliminating Germany was of course a bad idea (WWII + WWI and arguably TODAY with WWIII--cuz as we all know it's NOT all about Ukraine / pawn state...) That said, tho the entire war should NOT have happened.... I can't say I agree with Patton that the US should've helped Hitler instead of fightin' against him! (Waaaaay on the contrary). Patton did hate Jews (finding them in filthy disgustin' conditions--thru no fault of their own--he declared them.. filthy & disgustin'...dang). That said, his letters make clear his position ... they are interestin' ta say the least:


Can't say I think much've the man... ironic he's gone down in hist'ry as a hero... but we know much've hist'ry is... a "his story" of course!

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Dear Daisy,

First and foremost, I would like to emphasize how I detest any forms of forced labor, which was the case in German camps before and during WW2. For comic relief, forced labor has been around in the US penitentiary system for a long time, and the US also had camps for the American-Japanese.

Most importantly, I have serious reservations regarding the official narrative of the H*.

1. According to contemporary censuses, the Jewish population in Europe in 1948 was higher than in 1938, despite mass emigration to the US. Among all countries in the region, Hungary deported the highest number of Jews, 144k, starting in February, 1944. If that was the highest, the numbers just do not add up, because many of those were "H* survivors" and collected reparations from the German government until they died several decades later. They didn't even have to show any evidence and the Nobel-Prize winning "author," Ellie Wiesel (appropriate name) had a cathedra at Harvard, but never showed the tattoo he allegedly had, because it turns out he only invented most of the contents in his prize-winning "novel," The Night, and had never been a prisoner himself...

2. Sources supporting the narrative usually profit from it. Your sources.

3. If something is true, why is it that in 19 countries (Canada is the last one), those who only ask questions that question the narrative, go to prison?

4. In the last 70 years, many of the original myths have been proven fabrications (lampshades, soap) that even respectable Israeli historians admit.

5. There are actually sources that come from historians who risked their lives liberty without any financial gain and documented their conclusions on the subject, as opposed to the propaganda machine. Unless you are clueless, I prefer not to disclose them here, because they would be most likely attacked immediately.

6. By now, you must know that ALL government propaganda were lies. What makes you believe that this is an exception?

7. The Germans didn't want to kill their prisoner work force; in fact, they wanted to take good care of them, because nobody else would have done the job.

Jews were dragged to the camps (as many Americans will be dragged to the Green Zones) after the system ran out of criminals and communists. Gypsies, homosexuals, and opposing Christians were added to the mix, too.

Of course, there is no such thing as a "Jew." If there is, I am one (you probably exactly know what I am by now, so this is a figure of speech):


For that matter, Albert Schweitzer also wrote that blacks in Africa are subhumans. Patton despised what he believes Jewry was, and all races (being Jewish is not a race and not a religion only; it's a heritage) have despicable elements, so his attitude was obviously biased.

Stalin was going for taking over the world. Hitler only re-occupied German-majority territories that had been annexed to Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France after WW1 (and MANY of the remaining German residents there were lynched after WW2, while the luckier ones "only" lost everything and were deported to what was left of Germany.

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Agree'in' with much, just not all...includin' seein' eye-to-eye on most've the follerin':

1. labor camps are a horror no matter who/what...

2. the offi-SHALL narrative is often cooked up mightily...an' indeed for profit... always includin' here!

3. no-buddy should be jailed (etc) for questionin' ANY offi-SHALL narritive--"Candida" has gone full out totalitarian... an' not just (of course) 'bout Nazis--doin' so makes legit scholarship impossibull AND makes way for ill-legit scholarship to make the rounds on alt / darker media... BOTH make it hard to dis-cover truths...

4. yes, myths about lampshades & soaps 'r the bunk--BUT SO many hiss-stories have been thus bunked-up in ways that mask re-ally-tease (plus what WE kin tease out that's true...); the same scholars that try to sift out the bull are not--one may add--sayin' the whole thing didn't happen--just not like we're told... (They have done this with EVERY war in hist'try too!)

5. Schweitzer an' Patton both had cases've the uglies! (so the "hero" stories too are the bunk!)

6. agreed that initially Germans didn't wanna kill their slave-labor workforce--but there was cullin' from the start an' there is first-hand documentation of this (letters, diaries accounts--which are not media created). In brief, you round 'em all up but you kill the weak who wouldn't be good workers--why the heck feed'em? ALREADY the Jews had been ghetto-ized an' vilified so regular folks were conditioned prior to the round'up, git along little doggies. THEN by 1942 that changed--MORE were cullled b/c food was dear an' they had too many mouths to feed even cheaply-- The "proper-gander" that made them Good Germans feel "better" bout killin' their workforce eased any guilt--they were takin' out vermin...human vermin. Who wants disease-carryin' vermin? So the ideology was switched up / amped up on 'em--it went from shunnin' to cullin'--not unlike during "covid" in fact! How many said that the unvaxxed should NOT be treated by hoss-spit-alls an' should be left to die or even KILLED? Too many!

7. Crimes have been enacted by all faiths an' no faiths. Respectfully disagree there is no such thing as a "Jew" (Herr Hitler certainly used heritage / religion even in ancestry to figger' that one out)--but it is certainly more comply-cated than STATED in most MSM. It's simpler to ID other cultures/ethnicities/"races" (true "Jewishness" ain't a race but if you persecute folks because you "state" it iz a race, then ya gotta n'uther can'o worms ta untangle!).... That's deep weeds but the latest genetics (two sep. studies) show that DNA alone kin sort some've it out (an' fergit the Khazarian stuff...that's a red herring! mmmmm herring!) Jews have no Turk DNA... an' there are so many "psy-oopsies" datin' back to the 1700's (I've read a fair amount of this stuff..) that there wuz intentional fiddlin'--but yes, Jews are real but (IMO) definitions have been bent an' stretched an' messed with fer cent-churries. That said, most Jewish folks know if they are/ain't Jewish without ANY of these complex-tease...

8. Hitler DID wanna take over the world... THAT was the part of the plan them bankers didn't like too well! (BTW as we know many've 'em were Jewish Bankers--may their souls rot fer their crimes!)... Don't git me started 'bout Stalin either--AGREEED! evil ain't the word for it!

So on "much" we agree (I think?) though in the details, nope. OK by me! I know yer a good egg, Ray, and don't want to see anyone camped, killed, er culled!!!! That said...

Can ya post only the sources for the specific figures that population of Jews GREW with WWII? This I haven't heard 'bout or seen. (Thank ya much!)

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As I said, I won't go inta the weeds (I'll elaborate a bit here tho...) but most of the "it didn't happen" dock-u-"mentation" baloney stories are set up to mislead! Fer example, many websites say, OH, the "camps" were really fun with music an' concerts--the crazy notion that these folks wuz killed was "fiction" (they say) an' to prove this statement they share REAL footage edited outta the 9-hour "Shoah" film.. There is only like 9 minutes of such footage vs something like 900 hours of other footage that tells the fuller / true story but OK--it IS legit footage! In this supposed truthful "excerpt" passed 'round people who were interviewed said, OH for us it was really not so bad--sure we were removed from our homes but we were sorted out for out "talents" so it was like a summer camp!--These folks share that they had niceR food (than the others), decent accomo-day-shuns (DIFFERENT barracks from the others), etc. an' frankly I cannot tell ya how many holocaust-denial sites republish this excerpt... which is REAL an' (otherwise creepy) Steven Spielberg (who put together the footage) NEVER hid that stuff--he shared it on the DVD an' the Blu-Ray but didn't include it in the main part--nor did he included MUCH other footage...

SO...this wasn't secret hidden footage like the "denierz" want ya ta believe but it tells a story've a very small SUBSET of folks who gotta lucky break... What really happened wuz that for a few "show camps" (YES there were "show camps" just like today they have "show orphanages," an' "show prisons," an' "show foster families" an' "show medical experiments on kids" cuz they didn't wanna don't show ya whut sicckko Dr. Fraudski did to the kids that were not on display--killin' 'em / torturnin' 'em with his AIDS experi-ments). SO the real story've this footage that supposedly "proves" that the 6 million dead was a hoax only shows that a few were spared as part've a SHOW! So when the camps started they first had Nazi symphony groups ta keep up morale but there weren't enough SS officers with musi-cull talent in those few camps SO they recruited from the inmates (of which enough HAD formal trainin' an' talent). Those select few that survived KNOW they were lucky--they got better food and different lodgin's an' played for the higher ups (AND journalists) on visits an' in general to keep up morale among the officers. One part cut out from the full interviews with these SAME individuals (cuz I sawr the full scenes) was that these lucky musicians played WHILE their parents and families worked OR were culled! YES, when the trains arrived there was a Harry Potter-like sortin' hat thing--'cept the sortin' was not fer academic groups--nope, it was "you get to work" an' "you, old man" get ta DIE NOW!"--you get ta work young woman, yer kids all get ta die--they are too young ta work. AND the musicians played fer the "sortin'" knowin' they were lucky to live but sickened by the irony of their "luck." Also, per these interviews, some EVEN played while the ovens were goin' (cuz it stunk an' freaked out even the guards, so the uplifin' music wuz to keep up morale an' all...) THAT part wasn't in the widely circul-lated footage. Many of these players had family killed outright... they felt GUILT bein' the survivors. AND they say this stuff--if you watch the FULL section containin' their captured interviews--but that's not what gits passed 'round... nope, they just pass 'round the part where these folks tell about the nice food an' better barracks...

I honestly think folks don't wanna believe that it was just expedient to kill all the Jews (fewer mouths to feed an' if ya take away their wealth an' give it to the "good Germans" then the good Germans felt there was a benefit to them directly! Not just Jews, just mostly Jews--others were, of course, scapegoated too--though fewer 've 'em--ya got the mentally ill, the gypsies, gays (though Nazi soldier culture involved men submittin' ta gay sex with their "orrific-erz"...) an' any other "undesirables." Their homes, wealth, valuables, etc were stolen an' given to "good Germans." So hmmm... as if they didn't do this during this dang plandemic (even 'fore the kill shots)? Closin' mom'n'pop businesses but lettin' bars n' brothels an' Wall-Martz stay open? Similarities?

Killin' an' cullin' was just a warm up fer what's goin' on today--and MANY that deny that this "plandemic NWO nightmare" is just a purposeful cull (they think, "oh it was just mistakes or panic..."...NOT!)--an' these folks similarly want to dismiss what went on in WWII. An' (kin we drop the now-gawd-awful ADL?), honestly it wasn't so much outta "hate" fer the Jews (tho' that was easy...) but rather it was "let's pick a crackerjack scapegoat" we can mock / mock-up EASILY (In recent times, the unvaxxed too worked, dirty, dangerous, greedy, selfish, diseased!!!!!...etc). Same same same!!!!

Anyway, there are MANY examples like the "music camps" one... Another thing to do is to ALTER photos and say OH, see, this pit full'a bodies was "faked" (see where there were cuts/ pastes)-- but the pit full'a bodies was real but someone would show a photo where the guard-shooter was taken out or added or just moved closer for a better press photo OR the background was blurred to make a more read-a-bull photo fer printin'--an' the denierz'd use that as an excuse ta tell folks they wuz duped and no-body died an' the WHOLE PICTURE wuz faked--but it wasn't so. Cropped? Edited? but the killin' part WAS real...as were the bodies...

Mockin'bird media played a part in convincin' both the new/neo nazis an' many smart "hew-manny-tarians" that this was all staged...('member them mockin'boids werk BOTH sides 've any con!!!!) or that nobody wuz killed, just put in work camps an' neglected when there wuz food shortages but that is not what happened...

Knowin' personally, growin' up, quite a few survivors (part've my own family was murdered too...one've our best friends when I was a kid escaped by pretendin' she was a Catholic an' was hid... etc), havin' two great Uncles that were there (one in the trenches who later helped "liberate" prisoners, another stationed in Berlin in the press corps--who married a Luftwaffe widow who had her own stories ta tell!)... an' listenin' to both their very credible accounts (they had no reason ta lie about what they sawr...) an' havin' heard MANY others both in person, an' via those "truthtellers" I trust---ya ain't gonna convince me that survivor Vera Sharav isn't tellin' folks the truth from first hand experience--as are those she interviews in her NEW film series which compares the plandemic to the Holocaust ( Never Again is the name--it's tee-riffic!).... So that's my take've it... I've also been ta museums (seen real stuff, not faked--real passports, teeth, hair, glasses--not just photos but objects, etc.), seen footage (un-doctored) etc... If this was all a lotta fakery they didn't need all the objects--the evidence is icing on the cake--but it DOES exist...

None of this may convince you an' ya don't need ta believe me of course... This is just a lil' pinkie finger's worth of commentary...

But how 'bout askin' razor-sharp professor Mark Crispin Miller? (I say this cuz he's addressed the topic specifically an' he's very responsive on his stack)... Would ya trust him? (I do!)

Again, there is massive evidence (but many folks don't wanna believe it, I git it!)--but given how wool has been pulled over our eyes historically I can see why folks (who don't even hate the Jews) wanna deny this happened! It's almost TRAUMA to admit it! So I don't get all bent outta shape about it...

Genocide has always been a bitter pill ta swaller AND just cuz it's used by unsavory folks for their own agendas... doesn't mean it didn't happen... FWIW....

An'nuther' thought---tho' there are differences... Stalin an' Mao killed many millions more than the 6mil. Jews an' there are folks that not only minimize this fact AND the figures -- or deny it--there are trendy "Mao fans" an' I hear even Stalin's rep is bein' polished off fer a comeback... Mockin'birds at work!

'Nuff said... again' I cannot go into all the deets--it's a MAJOR endeavor but I hope some who think it was a hoax will consider "reconsiderin' " and at very least do a little research fer themselves... (not on UNZ by the way!)

Bonus thought! Fer those that are aware've MK Ultra an' all them paperclip Nazis (includin' Mengele aka Dr Green) who came over ta show us yankees "the ropes!"--how did those Mad Nazi dock-turds that come over stateside GIT all that experience? Precision? Expurt-tease? How'd they git so hardened ta remove limbs an' eyeballs and inject folks with stuff an' shock'em an' teach the "Ameri-Cons" how ta do the same? The truth is ugly but them dock-turds had practiced on Jews like master carvers work their magic on wood.

So anyway, folks kin look away...I do git it! But sometimes takin' a CLOSE look is worth it too!

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Already in elementary schools kids are taught how to use contraception and that a child is a burden.

How should the children grow up to have normal families later?

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

err... Nazis purported to represent "the people" and social improvements (at the expense of "some" people) did show initial benefits--but Hitler was funded by the bankers who got po'd when he went "too far" with their do-re-mi an' didn't foller orders! (SO they gave HIM his marchin' orders! AND of course Ameri-CONS got conned / killed to save the bankers' invest-mints--horrible) Another story fer another time, of course. That said, yes there were indeed death camps (ok to disagree on this one but there is plenty of documentation of this...) an' no it wasn't a hoax, yes there were labor camps that turned deadly, yes there were "show camps" to impress select journalist an' mask what was up there, yes the labor camps existed and were not the same as the death camps, yes, many died under the (dreadful deadful watch of the allies post-war--Patton was ruthless!) so there IS way more to the entire story--but I won't argue with ya t'day--it's a long wade in the weeds an' we're all "bizzy"--all that said, the "party before The Fall" is really what Cabaret is about--a doom-ahead! warnin' an' as Camille Paglia sez, when tranny stuff an' decadence peak, society falls. She tracks it--it's purdy consistent.

THUS with this comment ya made, I agree then! : "Cabaret is reflecting today's world quite accurately, although the players are different now."

Hint--some'a the same players! (same famblies... same bloodlines... )

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Glad to hear your opinion. Discussing details would probably take forever, but I wouldn't mind.

The US was not exactly conned into the war. It joined WW1 already on trumped-up charges (yes, the Lusitania was transporting war materials). Before WW2, it took Japan under blockade (the Japs were not exactly nice to the people in the areas they took from China, but weakening China was in the best interest of the US), forcing Pearl Harbor, and it supplied the Soviets and the allies with unlimited resources. The average American citizen, however, was indeed conned...

Yes, it's always okay to disagree. To my best knowledge, the first functional gas chambers were built by the Soviets in 1946...

There is literally NO evidence of intentional killing in gas chambers, except for perhaps a single case, I believe.

The only death camps that are really documented were run by the French and the Americans. Civilians were rounded up from ages of 8 to 80, kept in crowded fields on the ground, unfed, without potable water, and those who went insane and ran to the river to drink water were shot at as escapees or, an an American officer put it, "target practice." About 1.5 to 2 million Germans fell victim to such atrocities. The Russians were even worse, starting with executing 25-30 thousand Polish officers after taking most of Poland, and they were heralded and and praised as allies. Who was the mass killer there?

Most people in the labor camps died in the last three months of the war, when food and medication ran scarce, due to the allied bombings, and the allied even bombed the water facilities of the camps, which resulted in devastating mortalities due to the ensuing typhus...

I probably wouldn't have wanted Patton for my commander, but he was right saying that the US was fighting on the wrong side. The elimination of Germany as the only true competitor was certainly on the table for the financiers of the US.

I think, I'll watch Cabaret again; this time as an allegory for today's events.

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Mar 31, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Just curious, when you say “plenty of documentation” could it also be possible that there is “plenty of documentation” that shows that it didn’t happen? Also, I know its ok to disagree. Many thank yous.

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Looking into history and stories of ye time gone by starts with my memory and then members of my family and extended community. As a hearer of stories I think today the metaphor of vectors of speed and the runner accelerating from the frame of the viewer explains much when the history is amnesia. Special interests different than aristocrats rose in the Middle Ages as recovery from the bubonic plague began. Technics began by necessity to replace manpower. As populations rose the pace of change sped up. By the 20th century the human being shorn of their spirit by business and special scientific interests hired by business simply adapted to the ever changing situation. A century later imitating the bubonic plague came fake Covid and real Fascism in the USA. Times and people change. Some people are ideologically driven. Those who are not suffer. Resistance is rare for numerous reasons. Sometimes though resistance is able to block change for a period of time. Critical mass in a population such as ours is paradoxic. Trump lost by vote fraud and Democrats instantly tried for a one party state but lost in November after two years of control. A delay in plan implementation. For two years unless the Pandemic treaty triumphs.

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Agree with ya Ray all 'bout the dis-inta-gray-shun of the fambly an' the (purposeful!) cheapenin' of marriage, the dumbin' down've kids, etc! Feminism was mostly a Rockyfeller/CIA "joint" (tho' in some senses it did good cuz the "women shouldn't worry their purdy lil' heads" stuff was just gawd-awful an' NEEDED ta be opposed...) ... Rockefellers' (an' boyz they wuz...) wanted more lady consumers an' on the tax rolls (so more money would be comin' in ta steal!!!), CIA part've the plot to break up famlies, undermine what keep folks an' the danged country together!

NOW... in the midst of ALL THAT came Cabaret... it's a VERY adult film (seein' it at 16? wow!)--but it happens to be (imo) a great musical (Kander & Ebb!) an' a very-"gut" movie about DECADENCE (it's "old chum" by the way!) an' DEATH. It's exceedin'ly dark an' is not at all about "celebratin' " the wild an' wooly lives of the protagonists!

The film is about innocence lost, about very messed up folks whose outlier lives you DO NOT WANT TO EMULATE (this is made very clear in the film...), an' the downfall of Weimar Society to the Nazis who were even WORSE an' of course more decadent. That film is a twisted Tarantella! (NOT a celebration of the Cabaret livestyle at all!) Sally & friends are RUINED as is Germany... two sides of the same coin... the Nazi show IS a show too (an evil one, of course...) The film is a Tower of Babel tale (look out, it's about ta crasssssh!) an' one I'd say is downright CAUTIONARY...

The Cabaret song is ironic--it's not sayin' that this is a "fun show" so join it; ruther' it's sayin' that in this life there are all sorts of "players" an' many GOT PLAYED (eg. the unfaithful nature of the affairs, shady business deals, spyin', infidelity an' finkin' on "friends" etc... that ALL happen in the show an' is NOT held up as good at all!). So in some ways the "show" magnifies such infidelities, the decadence, the mostly BAD stuff society manifests...holds a mirror up to Rome before the FALL...

So if you see it just as somethin' promotin' "naughty" or careless entertainment (I mean life---an' the show TOO), yer missin' the whole message 'bout theater reflectin' what's go'in on in so-sigh-a-tea which was WHAT pre-sippy-tated the take-over by the SS! VERY dark stuff...

The music an' performances in that moo-sicle are TOPS... but again' it's a cautionary an' ironic tale... an' the Life is a Cabaret message--is more in line with (equally cautionary) All the world's a stage... than applausin' decadence... Indeedy (I won't go inta the back story stuff...) the influences are Brechtian / of strong social criticism.

Today's gawd-awful new moo-sicles have shape-shifted into something REALLY toxic with untuneful numbers--but Cabaret shines as sparklin' beacon 've caution an' pending doom! (It ain't fer the fainthearted OR for 16 year olds tho--golly!) It's a far more mature moo-sicle (in terms of demands made on the audi-ants) an' no doubt some mebbe didn't git it? (not a "rye eye" in the house?! really?)

But mebbe it's worth a revisit... that is if ya like moosicles!

ps not sure if yer a Michael York fan (I sure am!) but the man had a good singin' voice (he toured in Camelot)--but they wouldn't let 'im sing in the movie--STRANGE but true!

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Mar 27, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023Author

Actually, after Spartacus, the Nazis were the first government that represented the people. Sad as it is that after criminals and communist couldn't populate their labor camps (there is NO evidence of a death camp), they went after "Jews." Even post-war Germans say that, and after about eight million German soldiers fighting Stalin and about the same number of civilians falling victim to the sodomite alcoholic's (aka. Churchhill) bombings (in Leipzig and Dresden, where there were no military installations, fire bombings killed a large number of POWs, too). The "Holoc*st" in Nuremberg was based on a few photos (after the "allies" bombed everything to hell, disrupting food, medicine, and even the water supplies in camps), contradicting "eye-witness" accounts, and personal confessions after a LOT of torture. Tens of thousands died even after the "allies" took control of the camps... Hitler despised communists and Stalin gathered up troops for occupying Germany before July 22, 1941. It was all he same international bankers' plot, the ones who are now ready to REALLY exterminate us... WW2 didn't start with a German attack. Germans simply re-occupied German territories that had been annexed to neighboring countries after the WW1 "peace treaty." Stalin, however, occupied the rest of Poland. France and Britain, in return, declared war on Germany for "attacking an ally," but not on the Soviet Union.

For you and me, at this point, life might be a cabaret in the sense that humans are so miserably predictable.

Funny as it is, Cabaret is reflecting today's world quite accurately, although the players are different now. :)

Listening to Michael York singing would have been a riot! :)

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I was abused, sick from the get go, out of school more than in school. This didn't stop me from

being 'good in school', from performing in the top. There were no travelling teachers then, but

friends brought me books, and took material back when necessary. I became a self learner,

and so far preferred it that I couldn't bear to be in high school a lot of the time, preferring to

study quietly at home, practice the piano, ride my bike: all life giving activities to me.

Later, I realized that all things considered, living in a dangerous port city where children routinely

were kidnapped, never to be seen again, bullied in schools, that I would not take responsibility

for bringing a human on this plane.

I required a family business so they didn't have to be accepted in the system, and they could

learn it, take it over if they wished. I required enough money that they could STAY HOME and

learn at home. And, most of all, I required a safe environment so I didn't have to watch them

constantly if they wanted to go out, or go to the park to play. I knew I couldn't, wouldn't do that.

And have been happy that I did not do that.

One of the terrible travesties is the research end of things run by men, financed by men,

so they're not interested in female things, in getting healthy, easy birth control.

And they definitely need to have and advertise the 72 hour pill, and get one that is

for more days than that. It is possible, but no money in that.

Not all people are 'family' people, and I'm for freedom so I don't believe in forcing

anyone to try to fit some mold that wrecks them in ways.

Few people know this but the bible actually advocates that Chistians have no family.

It is explained that family matters will take up all your time, and the time left for

spiritual matters won't amount to anything.

The biggest value I have is 'freedom', freedom to live my life, freedom to learn about

the Lord, and how we may relate to God. I have helped thousands of kids, children,

teens, youth over my lifetime, and seen what a misery it is. Firsthand.

Of course, not always, but mostly.

The N.A. Indians certainly loved their children, no doubt, and knew their tribe

must grow, and not dwindle. But winters were difficult, harsh, and the likelihood

of a baby surviving was slim, ...and grim. The NA Indian women knew what to eat,

what to drink so they did not get pregnant in the winter. Natural methods, and those

exist. I'm not sure just how efficient they are, though. Seemed good back then.

And likely they knew of barks and herbs we don't have today.

This is always the way to go, natural. So many males just aren't ready to be fathers, and

feel inadequate, feel they're not making enough, and a fair number leave.

I'd think there are a lot of single mothers, which tends to produce more effeminate, and

homosexual boys who don't have a father figure. Bad idea.

There are NO COURSES that teach young women about what men are about.

Sex, free sex, they think, and irresponsibility, running around. Young women

who won't 'give out', really are stigmatized, attacked by peer groups, gossiped

about. A horrible life. Best not to be in school, so they can just 'be girls', do

girl things.

Because I was out of school more than in during formative years, and then deliberately

found ways to not be in school later, I did avoid a lot of conditioning and was able to

find my way, find out what was important to me.

To me, the whole pregnancy thing and 17 year raising thing is a form of slavery, usually

for the state, with those kids leaving the parents, rarely to return unless they NEED a

free place to live, or NEED a babysitter. Not some loving, 'good to see you' relationship.

Such claptrap. There are exceptions, always, and there are those who live vicariously

through their children and find that good. I've met them, get along well, and enjoy

their company. But it's not for me. And I won't be condemned for not following

'nature's path'.

The problem about sex isn't before marriage, which if done right, (it's not), doesn't exist,

if the girls are wise(they're not), but theoretically. No, the problem is once married

to someone you do love, and this is returned. A safe method of birth control is needed,

and not there. If both people know for sure they won't have family, then a vasectomy is

safe, foolproof (what a word), and is a final decision. I think there should be intermediate


Sadly, I think males far wilier, smarter, conniving before they meet 'the one', than women can be.

Women BELIEVE males. Of COURSE they lie, just like governments, and people in power.

Males have always been 'in power'. Thus we have those women's reactionary movements

which changes them into people I wouldn't want to know.

Another great article, important, and I'm sure just many points of view, all I think having

some validity if they work out.

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