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My goal is to inform, inspire, and entertain, while giving a chance for my readers to get together.

This is a site, where I am not trying to take advantage of people who are looking for a savior, false hope, or a miracle. WYSIWYG, as they used to say, “what you see is what you get.” The rest is up to you.

I am not faking communities that don’t exist, so I refrain from using “we” as a collective noun, because by now, the world has been diversified, people have been turned on each other, and communities have been infiltrated, sued out of existence, or are plain fake. Still, I am trying to keep my comment sections clean enough for people to make friends with each other, and it has been working quite a bit. Will keep frauds/trolls/morons/bots away as far as that is possible.

Please, notice that most of the posts here summarize my findings, so they might come across as generalizations. They are simply depicting conceptual constructs as an initiative for further discussions for which I would like to invite everyone interested. Also, I keep updating “old” posts with new info, so nothing on my site is ever likely to become totally obsolete. At the same time, I am usually days, weeks, months, or years ahead, which turns out only later, but I can proudly say that since 1998, I have hardly ever been wrong. You can search the Internet regarding my findings, and you will find that I am either the first and unique, more often than not. Also, my texts sometimes hide contents in order to make sure search engines would not.

Still, on my site, YOU are the protagonist. You can always initiate a new topic or discussion.

Here are a few rules that I would like you to respect in order to keep the comment sections alive and functional for YOUR sake (the whole site exists only for your sake). Please, make sure that your comments are relevant to the topic and do not exceed reasonable length. If you post links, please, introduce them in a sentence or two in order to inform readers about the way they are connected to the topic. Also, please, limit the number of links to three or four in a comment, unless you have a good reason not to do so (it happens, and I understand that). Limit copy-and-paste comments to two after each article. Thank you for your understanding.

As for the contents, I am not interrupting articles with begging inserts, because I find them irritating on other sites and I have also noticed that undeserving sites are using the approach, which makes sure that once people invest, they will “run after their money” and try to justify their “investment” even after realizing they made a mistake. I consider begging humiliating for both of us, but I am still grateful for your support through a subscription (there are a few incentives and you can always sign up for a month and take a break for two, if you find my prices high, although considering the unique and frequent posts, I believe, my prices are reasonable. Nevertheless everybody has full access).

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As opposed to those who are willing to beg, I am in a serious disadvantage, but I am trying to preserve your and my human dignity.

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