You mentioned the atrocities of Luther and Calvin.Are you

aware that the True Church was founded by the Lord, Yehoshua whom

you call Jesus. What followed the death of the witnesses of

the Lord were imposters like the emperor Constantine who

had false visions and brought about a Sunday system because

Constantine was a sun worshipper..The Sunday system is a

false religious system.Protestants.to protest is against the

commands of Yehoshua.What the Catholics and Protestants

did was against the sayings of the New Testament.These

people were not Christians although there were followers

of the Lord in some of the churches like there is today.These

worshippers of Yehoshua are a very small remnant. To be a

Christian is a very high calling. Difficult. Suffering for a cause.

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023Author

I apologize, but I usually go only as far as history and do not engage in ideological arguments. My stance is clear for those, who have been reading me for a while, and I am happy with that much.

I also offer articles to discuss matters of faith:


I remember asking Augustinians about the success rate of their mission in Japan, and they said 1-2 percent. People there told them, "You are right, but this is too hard for me." :)

Personal experiences are also most welcome:


Suffering is there for everyone. Faith of any kind is a commitment that prevails over the survival instinct. :)

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Haha I knew the joke about the bicycle parts that made a machine gun, I think it was quite popular in communist countries 😂

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Asking better questions takes patience and intelligence. Why those who have both are the thought leaders of a sustainable future. Love the quote.

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Asking the right question requires proper orientation. In cognitive terms, the problem must be identified in a dialogue and the expectations from the solutions must be agreed on.

People with patience and intelligence are excluded, because they are already patient and intelligent not to want to become leaders. :D

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Don't we all...

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I'm in San Diego, a bit far but that's ok. San Diego is probably the best place in California, at least so far.

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A bit shy too expensive there, isn't it? :)

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First, what excellent points!! Every one of them must be developed, analyzed. It's a lot of work, and who of

us has this, enough interest right now?, enough time even if there is enough interest right now?,

enough background to proceed? Those are requirements and there's not enough people to begin.

What do they DO with what they produce? Where does it go? Who can they send it to?

Who has time or interest to collate that?

You properly hammered 'right questions'. I'd settle for 'good questions', or even 'decent questions'.

Maybe the 'right questions' might evolve.

A kind of a cute point that I used to coach students with was to fine tooth the exam before

beginning to answer it. And many times, I found 'the right answer' WAS on the exam paper,

for sure somewhere ELSE, but if you kind of knew the answer, you'd recongize it. Then,

of course, you started with the easiest, just leaving hard stuff for later maybe.

Again, those short questions sometimes 'jogged' something, which you QUICKLY jotted down on

your paper in a corner for later. The students all did well. From failing, which was uplifting.

So, who are we asking questions of? Ourselves? Those like-minded? Those in opposition?

Leaders in opposition somewhat? Those really opposed? So, we have to know WHO we're

asking and we have to know A LOT about them.

Then, you gave most interesting EXAMPLES, one that really stuck was Confucius. Is it on record

just HOW he did that? Was he much revered at the time?

If we're nobody's, it is quite different than when we're 'somebody's'. We're just a nuisance, and

often the powers totally ignore us.


I'm a TEAM orientated person who believes teamwork is sometimes more powerful and harder

to imprison, than one person.

If you live in Canada, or maybe heard of the Albertan pastor, Artur Palowski, this is the 'one person'

method. We must have a team AND also cheerleaders!! Sports is so often 'ahead of the game!',

and cheerleading helps A LOT along with other things. There's no doubt there's some

force, or vibration that ups winning possibilities.

How to incorporate all that into changing a corrupt, failing, system?

Well, as you also wisely said, it's going to fall.

I don't invest in failure. Or in something I think will likely fail.

I like to begin something NEW, however small. New, interesting, uplifting.

Get away from what the bible calls 'darkness', which sure feels oppressive, controlling.

See how to do something differently.

For example, and I'm just musing here, and might be 'off the mark', but when the

'thought pandemic' hit (we know it now), if certain people had held groups on

how to manage without the so-called 'answer' to a fake cause, and taught those

people how to manage, how to NOT try to win family, or friends, or co-workers.

This always goes badly. Just do it yourself, and even be careful if others ask.

I always work to find out the 'motive' for the question. Are they searching for

something else? No? Are they bullying me? And so on.

Regarding Luther, talk about a split. He did bring 'good things' but at what cost?

In Christianity, there are steps, and I didn't hear him doing those.

He is what the bible calls 'carnal' and a very violent, evil carnal at that.

All carnal is 'at enmity with God', but they sure aren't all the same.

Shout it out, that 'resistance IS futile' and hurts the people.

But there's 'passive resistance' and that should be looked into.

I do say this humbly and thankfully, AND knowing things could change.

But for over 2 years, the #! internet provider where I live in Canada

has done a LOT to get their 5G into our home, and we're still on

the copper land line, and not on 5G. I follow the Lord (2FollowHim), and

He had commands. I do them because God knows. And I can only

say this 'worked' and more than worked because some of the workers

at this company didn't know, and were concerned, and I was able

to help them. Not all, of course. But maybe 70%, which is a good return.

Thank you for involving us, getting us to think.

In the meantime, I like to try to support those who are doing their best

even if I don't always agree. They need our support.

Meanwhile, hats off to you.

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As you know, I try not to "Like" something that praises me (I am grateful, but not narcissistic).

I don't mean to criticize or even to give advice without your asking, but in my experience, less is more, unless you have a specific audience. Breaking up your comment into parts (you can always edit them) would attract more readers... When you address several problems in one comment, hardly anyone will read it, yet you have a lot to say. Please, reconsider.

The best way to go about it is to introduce your idea (related to the topic) in a sentence or two and provide a link to your article(s) on the subject.

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Dem Bill Will Allow Psychologists to ‘Kidnap’ Children as Young as 12 https://truthpress.com/news/dem-bill-will-allow-psychologists-to-kidnap-children-as-young-as-12/

Pickle Factory Goes Up in Flames the Day After a Deadly Chocolate Factory Explosionhttps://truthpress.com/news/pickle-factory-goes-up-in-flames-the-day-after-a-deadly-chocolate-factory-explosion/

ChatGPT Users’ Private Data Exposed Due to Open-Source Bug https://truthpress.com/news/chatgpt-users-private-data-exposed-due-to-open-source-bug/America’s Broken Health Care: Diagnosis and Prescription

https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/americas-broken-health-care-diagnosis-and-prescription/?utm_campaign=imprimis&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=251181093&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-863j8bYqTuWKHTQOR_9dJAfMCZr6QLoUdwEpFA8nV4pF16fD8RydkusQsn0H82fyrpMBvOav8cBEH9XXUXaDRLhKMgFg&utm_content=251181093&utm_source=hs_emailSTILL, TRUST DIGITAL MONEY?https://truthpress.com/news/chatgpt-users-private-data-exposed-due-to-open-source-bug/

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Oh, Dear...

All these open up several cans of worms and we are still not feeding on worms. :)

I don't like to steal other people's ideas (never done it), but I wish you posted a few articles on your findings...

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

You're right. The only potential and "realistic" fix, is that this system collapses on its own. There's nothing we can do about it.. the corruption and self-perpetuating control is far too entrenched.


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That's a good piece, John. Some readers are saying they cannot tell your articles from mine. :)

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Mar 27, 2023·edited Mar 27, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Thanks Ray, I’ll definitely take that as a compliment. But I wouldn’t have thought our writing styles are that similar. As I’ve stated on a few previous occasions... my writing is not overly intellectual. I’m kind of punching from the gut. Barking from the street if you will. Whereas (in my opinion) you tend to go into far more intellectualised explorations. One thing I feel we do have in common however.. is that we’re both ultra-realists! We don’t particularly like softening our message. Perhaps that’s what they find similar..?

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Mar 27, 2023·edited Mar 27, 2023Author

Of course, your audiences are a bit different, but that only adds to the taste. I knew that, but one of my commenters said it, so I felt obliged to share. :)

Yes, I am a bit of an "academic," because that's what I've been most of my life, but even my best friend from my childhood (killed by the injections) said that I have the talent to explain complex problems in ways that are intelligible for anyone interested. It took me a whole month on Substack to develop a profile, and it looked like journalism was the only way to reach a significant number of people. Your approach does fit the same profile, but you and I are different publishers. :)

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

This describes the most likely way it did happen from inside and this same method might be used to reverse it towards the other direction, but it takes a generation or two. https://jamesafreeman.wordpress.com/2020/10/23/the-ghost-of-yuri-bezmenov-a-haunting-warning/

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While I don't care for the Nazi myth, the site does contain good information.

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

The system also changed with the ascension of Chritianity and of course, also in 1776. It also changed, albeit for the worse, with the fall of Damascus to Abu Bakr,s Muslim and subsequent expansion all the way to south France, and again with the fall of Constantinople. It also changed 100 yrs ago with the Fed, the IRS, etr. The latter is instructive, as this might also be a way to use their own tactics against them nonviolently. How? Well for starters, citizen journalists, just as Okeefe did and is doing again

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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 27, 2023Author

Christianity was definitely an improvement over the barbaric customs of preceding empires, and it was eventually fully embraced by Constantin the Great in 325 AD. Previously, Christians were put to death for refusing to offer a sacrifice to the "divine" emperor, and before the century ran out, representatives of the old faith suffered the same treatment. As for the time of Reformation, only few people know that Calvin's followers in Switzerland burned Catholics alive in numbers that clearly compete with the recorded number of victims of Catholic Inquisition...

Sorry, as I said in the article, I focused only on changes for the better, which is of what this world is in dire need now...

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A fundamental first principle: only natural rare genetic outliers will be able to architect and implement the process required to evolve an existing axiomatic system into more complex dimensions of vibrational frequency. This is an inarguable certainty. What always stands in the way is “you”.

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

By the way, your name is a powerful one; Khepri

Meaning: come into being : 𓐍𓊪𓆣𓂋 "come into being"

I have to say that it's refreshing to see others studying the language of "Divine Word" or "Language of the Gods."

------ Cheers

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Nice to meet you Nefahotep. It is not often I run into those who can tease apart the threads of the Word. It's a cosmic fugue one must be initiated into, each initiate's journey and graduation unique to their existence here within this space-time.

The name presented during my awakening, ascension, paradigm shift... there are so many terms... is Khepri-Thoth. Representing a rare trinity of Knowledge, Sun and the Moon: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3yE1Jo42kSqcdx8s9

I didn't understand at the time, only that it match every musical note coursing through my Being during those initial 2 weeks of 2014 over Christmas. Obviously, I Know now why, but even then, so many questions are still being found out and then posed again, deeper still.

You may appreciate the translation of the image I linked which represents my journey as translated by a Australian Elder who specializes in rare Egyptian hieroglyphs .

The Beetle here is Khepri.

He is aboard the night boat.

The journey of Osiris Horus to their destination each dawn.

On the boat were a number of Protecting Spirits and the beetle was one.

At that arrival there it was the beetle next rose into the sky.

Taking with it that returning Ka soul of Osiris home.

Inside him conjoined to meet Ra the Sun.

Now they are combined together Ra Osiris Horus Khepri

Here in this picture the beetle has already passed the Sun he is above it, not raising up to it.

He is passed that and on to the next level.

That beetle taking him home to Mother.

The destination of all our life force returning home.

Seen in the star there as a Heaven.

Returning to the stars thru her, given newer life.

That’s unique.

I’ve only ever seen the story portrayed as the beetle raising yet this one surpasses those.

In his passage beyond returning to the Sea of Millions in the Sky.

That’s cool.

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Thank you for reaching out to me. I saw the picture; the symbolism is very profound.

I base most of my interpretation of Ancient Egyptian symbolism on the symbolism I have had all my life, from the Vedic Hindu teachings found in the Isha Upanishad.

Strangely enough, most ancient cultures contemporary to each other even ones in Australia, had very similar realizations. They had oceans separating them yet they got the same deep meaning.

What you shared with me there is a very powerful representation of the tree of life, just expressed a bit differently. I know it doesn't look like the tree of life.

From my yogic experience, and from some linguistic study:

The tree of life IS mankind. (represented as a tree, because as a tree, he is always in a state of growth --- Becoming)( I realize that there are very few examples of the tree of life in Egyptian symbolism and this is because they were much more focused on the cosmic observations of the sky.)

The beetle Scarab; Khepri is the point of attention, (rising into enlightenment and therefore Liberation.)

The force of Khepri is shown at the center point between the two eyes, as is the third eye in other traditions, as above the Sun, Ra --- as above the physical light of the world; true light is from a non physical source, the Ka.

"That beetle taking him home to Mother. Au'seah: (Isis)

The destination of all our life force returning home. (From delight these Beings come; by delight they exist and grow; --- to delight they return --- Rig Veda)

Seen in the star there as a Heaven. (Heaven is found within only and in silence)

Returning to the stars thru her, given newer life." (Returning to the stars, renewal of life is the eternal circle, that once above returns from below, into birth again.) (I just love this)

In ancient Egyptian, there are some expressions that point to the realization of “Eternal Self.” Here is a small excerpt from the Adoration of Horus written more than 5,000 years ago; this a portion from the book called Going Forth by Day misunderstood as Book of the Dead:

“Nuk Heru khent HeH. Uta-na nest-a. Heq-a se em re-a,

Tetet ker, aouqa-ua! Uaa em Uaa. Ap sba em pet.”

I am Horus traversing limitless years. I have commanded my seat. I rule by my mouth. Speaking and silent. I maintain an exact balance. ‘I am one coming from one.’ I open the door in heaven. [heaven is found inside, eternally silent]

One very important point I must make about the secrets of the ancient knowledge: If unleashed, this alone spells doom to those who hold an agenda about your purpose. What the "Ka" really is --- is time / space itself. It is the true god self within.

We could converse for hours over a beer.

------ Cheers

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This is a stunning reply, I'll need to sleep on it. Bed time here. Over a beer would be amazing, my guess is we are in different parts of the world :) I'm over in Ontario Canada.

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Creation is happening in the moment. :)

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Khepri, you touched on something that is very important, very few people have a realization of. Through the cosmic process there is a frequency, some may say that it's a vibration. At the quantum level, the thing we call "solid reality" isn't really solid. The quantum intanglement is the result of time. Not sequential time like we define in our human experience. The vibration is the manifestation of energy and consciousness. One being.

This is a very intensive topic.

The true way we fix the world that seems to be on the outside, is we can go inside. Inquire within.

The pseudo human monsters, that I call Sabbateans are actually aware of what this is; they are aware of what they try to subvert.

To your excellent comment,

Our true being is formless, pure awareness, is energetic to the form we think we see. All evolution has been an evolution of consciousness, form is only representing the formless energy standing behind it.

The real thing standing in the way of realizing this is "belief."

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Nefahotep, any chance we can break out into private e-mail?

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Yes, of course but we should not exchange actual contact information on the comment section, there are a lot of operatives and creeps. I guess in subscription section of the substack dashboard there are emails displayed. Not sure if they are complete script. Any idea on how to go about it?

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Ya, what Ray said :) I'm going to assume you have a twitter account. Go here and DM me... https://twitter.com/KhephriThoth ...

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I don't have a Twitter account, I'm still quite new to Substack too. Are there any other ways?

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Ha, ok, np. If you go to this link: https://pktfederation.space

Click "More Information", scroll down to the bottom, you'll see an address to send to.

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Sorry, I am not on any of the (anti)social sites, but I have few helpers who sometimes comment all over the place.

As a fellow author, you can reply to any of the notifications about my new posts and we can talk over the phone. This feature is one of the few bonuses I offer to those who help me out financially and to a few select fellow authors. Be warned that I am a simple person whom you can figure out in 30 minutes and after that, chances are, you'll find me repetitive or even boring. :)

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Ray you're never boring. I always enjoy conversations with independent thinkers, it's refreshing.

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The only way to send private messages to authors on Substack is by replying to notifications about new posts. That, however, requires a subscription to the author.

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Not sure what you mean about "Sabbateans" (sic!).

Am I Jewish? Are you?


Or, shall we consider Khazarians?


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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)


There are some links in this article referring to what the Sabbateans are.

I'm not in anyway attacking Jews. The age old way of getting everyone to look the other way and self censor is telling someone they are being Antisemitic.

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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 27, 2023Author

Of course, you are not attacking anyone. That wouldn't make any sense, at least not in my book.

And your article contains important details!

"Antisemitic" per se is a term used against those who oppose Zionism or bankers who are "Jewish" (many of them are). Most Jews are not exactly Zionists and bankers, but that's a "secret."

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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 26, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Sabbateans are part of a cult that started in the 1600's or so, practicing a form of "inverted scripture" based off the Torah. They are not considered Jewish, at least in my book. They are the ones who are behind all the human trafficking. The regular Jewish people have really nothing to do with them and are possibly more victimized by them than the rest of us. I'm referring to some of the most secretive individuals who run such things as the Bank of International Settlements or the Trilateral Commission. Epstein was more directly involved with this cult.

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After the legalization of drugs, human trafficking is the next best business for the underworld that, of course, is working hand-in-hand with the alphabet-soup agcies and "law" enforcement. Only competition is taken out and paraded around as "arrests" and whatever else...

No matter which group, I am not buying into any known group to be responsible for the current events, but certain groups might ally with the invisible game-masters to perform specific tasks.

Judaism is a religion, being Jewish is not. Some of my best friends in life have been Jewish and most of them never asked if I was. Orthodox Jews and those relying on the Cabbalah are not exactly your best friends, but they are not necessarily your enemies, either. The rest of Jewry has been, and are, being used as scapegoats, just like most Freemasons are only suckers and are used as decoys. Yes, many of them occupy central positions in the MSM, the movie industry, and in pop culture, but you really have to go down to a one-by-one research regarding their affiliations.

If I were leading the globalists, I would never appear in public and nobody, including most of my insiders, would know who I am.

BIS and the Trilateral Commission, along with the WEF, however, are definitely used as high-end enablers and enforcers.

Epstein seems to have been an enabler for blackmailing and he and his associates have been copiously rewarded with their victims and permanent financing.

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Yes, the questions of multidimensionality (physicists need 7-13 "dimensions" in order to complete their theories) and absolute time are to be considered.

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The irreconcilable contradiction in human cognition comes from being a closed system, while trying to describe and manipulate open systems. That's why the technocrats need the "Super AI":


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Thanks for that. Seems like Sunday’s the so called trusted media always wants to destroy common sense https://apple.news/ADQeSMvqDS3uTOdcd2en4mA

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Logical battlefield assessment. I concur.


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