Talk about Make America Great Again. Trump was supposed to be a voice for the disenfranchised middle class white folks. He got in and rolled out tax breaks for the wealthy, Operation Warp Speed to kill us all, fumbled around like a blind man with his usual bluster, and the bumpkins want to elect him again.

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Talk about changing the system. You can't change the System by joining it, which is what Steve Kirsch and Robert Kennedy jr want us to think. What they want is a seat at the table, it doesn't matter what we want because we won't get anything. But many "dissidents" claim it'll change the political conversation when it's nothing more than just another lousy fraud.

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You mentioned the atrocities of Luther and Calvin.Are you

aware that the True Church was founded by the Lord, Yehoshua whom

you call Jesus. What followed the death of the witnesses of

the Lord were imposters like the emperor Constantine who

had false visions and brought about a Sunday system because

Constantine was a sun worshipper..The Sunday system is a

false religious system.Protestants.to protest is against the

commands of Yehoshua.What the Catholics and Protestants

did was against the sayings of the New Testament.These

people were not Christians although there were followers

of the Lord in some of the churches like there is today.These

worshippers of Yehoshua are a very small remnant. To be a

Christian is a very high calling. Difficult. Suffering for a cause.

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Haha I knew the joke about the bicycle parts that made a machine gun, I think it was quite popular in communist countries 😂

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Asking better questions takes patience and intelligence. Why those who have both are the thought leaders of a sustainable future. Love the quote.

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I'm in San Diego, a bit far but that's ok. San Diego is probably the best place in California, at least so far.

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First, what excellent points!! Every one of them must be developed, analyzed. It's a lot of work, and who of

us has this, enough interest right now?, enough time even if there is enough interest right now?,

enough background to proceed? Those are requirements and there's not enough people to begin.

What do they DO with what they produce? Where does it go? Who can they send it to?

Who has time or interest to collate that?

You properly hammered 'right questions'. I'd settle for 'good questions', or even 'decent questions'.

Maybe the 'right questions' might evolve.

A kind of a cute point that I used to coach students with was to fine tooth the exam before

beginning to answer it. And many times, I found 'the right answer' WAS on the exam paper,

for sure somewhere ELSE, but if you kind of knew the answer, you'd recongize it. Then,

of course, you started with the easiest, just leaving hard stuff for later maybe.

Again, those short questions sometimes 'jogged' something, which you QUICKLY jotted down on

your paper in a corner for later. The students all did well. From failing, which was uplifting.

So, who are we asking questions of? Ourselves? Those like-minded? Those in opposition?

Leaders in opposition somewhat? Those really opposed? So, we have to know WHO we're

asking and we have to know A LOT about them.

Then, you gave most interesting EXAMPLES, one that really stuck was Confucius. Is it on record

just HOW he did that? Was he much revered at the time?

If we're nobody's, it is quite different than when we're 'somebody's'. We're just a nuisance, and

often the powers totally ignore us.


I'm a TEAM orientated person who believes teamwork is sometimes more powerful and harder

to imprison, than one person.

If you live in Canada, or maybe heard of the Albertan pastor, Artur Palowski, this is the 'one person'

method. We must have a team AND also cheerleaders!! Sports is so often 'ahead of the game!',

and cheerleading helps A LOT along with other things. There's no doubt there's some

force, or vibration that ups winning possibilities.

How to incorporate all that into changing a corrupt, failing, system?

Well, as you also wisely said, it's going to fall.

I don't invest in failure. Or in something I think will likely fail.

I like to begin something NEW, however small. New, interesting, uplifting.

Get away from what the bible calls 'darkness', which sure feels oppressive, controlling.

See how to do something differently.

For example, and I'm just musing here, and might be 'off the mark', but when the

'thought pandemic' hit (we know it now), if certain people had held groups on

how to manage without the so-called 'answer' to a fake cause, and taught those

people how to manage, how to NOT try to win family, or friends, or co-workers.

This always goes badly. Just do it yourself, and even be careful if others ask.

I always work to find out the 'motive' for the question. Are they searching for

something else? No? Are they bullying me? And so on.

Regarding Luther, talk about a split. He did bring 'good things' but at what cost?

In Christianity, there are steps, and I didn't hear him doing those.

He is what the bible calls 'carnal' and a very violent, evil carnal at that.

All carnal is 'at enmity with God', but they sure aren't all the same.

Shout it out, that 'resistance IS futile' and hurts the people.

But there's 'passive resistance' and that should be looked into.

I do say this humbly and thankfully, AND knowing things could change.

But for over 2 years, the #! internet provider where I live in Canada

has done a LOT to get their 5G into our home, and we're still on

the copper land line, and not on 5G. I follow the Lord (2FollowHim), and

He had commands. I do them because God knows. And I can only

say this 'worked' and more than worked because some of the workers

at this company didn't know, and were concerned, and I was able

to help them. Not all, of course. But maybe 70%, which is a good return.

Thank you for involving us, getting us to think.

In the meantime, I like to try to support those who are doing their best

even if I don't always agree. They need our support.

Meanwhile, hats off to you.

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Dem Bill Will Allow Psychologists to ‘Kidnap’ Children as Young as 12 https://truthpress.com/news/dem-bill-will-allow-psychologists-to-kidnap-children-as-young-as-12/

Pickle Factory Goes Up in Flames the Day After a Deadly Chocolate Factory Explosionhttps://truthpress.com/news/pickle-factory-goes-up-in-flames-the-day-after-a-deadly-chocolate-factory-explosion/

ChatGPT Users’ Private Data Exposed Due to Open-Source Bug https://truthpress.com/news/chatgpt-users-private-data-exposed-due-to-open-source-bug/America’s Broken Health Care: Diagnosis and Prescription

https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/americas-broken-health-care-diagnosis-and-prescription/?utm_campaign=imprimis&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=251181093&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-863j8bYqTuWKHTQOR_9dJAfMCZr6QLoUdwEpFA8nV4pF16fD8RydkusQsn0H82fyrpMBvOav8cBEH9XXUXaDRLhKMgFg&utm_content=251181093&utm_source=hs_emailSTILL, TRUST DIGITAL MONEY?https://truthpress.com/news/chatgpt-users-private-data-exposed-due-to-open-source-bug/

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You're right. The only potential and "realistic" fix, is that this system collapses on its own. There's nothing we can do about it.. the corruption and self-perpetuating control is far too entrenched.


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This describes the most likely way it did happen from inside and this same method might be used to reverse it towards the other direction, but it takes a generation or two. https://jamesafreeman.wordpress.com/2020/10/23/the-ghost-of-yuri-bezmenov-a-haunting-warning/

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The system also changed with the ascension of Chritianity and of course, also in 1776. It also changed, albeit for the worse, with the fall of Damascus to Abu Bakr,s Muslim and subsequent expansion all the way to south France, and again with the fall of Constantinople. It also changed 100 yrs ago with the Fed, the IRS, etr. The latter is instructive, as this might also be a way to use their own tactics against them nonviolently. How? Well for starters, citizen journalists, just as Okeefe did and is doing again

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A fundamental first principle: only natural rare genetic outliers will be able to architect and implement the process required to evolve an existing axiomatic system into more complex dimensions of vibrational frequency. This is an inarguable certainty. What always stands in the way is “you”.

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Thanks for that. Seems like Sunday’s the so called trusted media always wants to destroy common sense https://apple.news/ADQeSMvqDS3uTOdcd2en4mA

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Logical battlefield assessment. I concur.


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