I have read many ideas on what possibly can be done to change the world situation but it all comes down to the population standing up at once and then the evil won't have a chance. It toke civil war in the past it may again.

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The only way out of the freemason crystal maze is to build a new system from scratch with the following keynotes:

Money: it’s a bad idea that Government has a monopoly of anything, especially currency. Anything of worth should be legal tender, even vouchers, IOUs, warrants, etc. Communities should be entitled to run their own monetary system, based on real assets. No only gold, silver, copper, platinum, lithium, precious metals and minerals, but also barter vouchers such as a pound/kg of flour, a gallon/liter of gasoline, human hours, distance transported (humans, volume, weight, special care).

Townhall Direct Democracy: votes should never be anonymous. Face to face contact is important in an era of deep fake and fake news, but even more for accountability. Representative democracy isn’t necessary if there are efficient and safe voting systems. You represent yourself, though you have the power to delegate your voting power to different representatives for different topics/mandates for a definite time and recover it whenever you want, even before the period is over.

Direct spending: the federal, state and county incomes are divided by all the inhabitants (including the unborn), and you get to decide where every single proportionate cent is going to be spend in public goods and services. There’s a Spanish saying: “the eye of the master, fattens the cattle”. Direct spending would reduce bureaucracy, corruption, inefficiency, waste, unmet needs and government spending in things that are not a priority for the people. Deficit and borrowing should be illegal. After some years of solving critical problems, people will find harder to justify projects with low socio-economic net present value or internal rate of return, thus surplus would be returned to tax payers, and eventually, taxes lowered: it seems to be the only realistic mechanism to stop the spiral of government deficit and debt, where banksters take hostage future generations and politicians have nothing to lose by increasing spending and everything to win in terms of voters thinking they are receiving more than the rest.

Brutal transparency: reps should live stream at all possible times (not only working hours). All budgets, bids and transactions should be open for online scrutiny.

Democratic justice: community courts should be formed by people: the number of judges in the court is decided by the community. They could be elected for a certain period by chance or by vote, from a list of those capable of interpreting texts or from a list of lawyers. The same, for higher appeal courts. There’s no true democracy if natural law, including natural human rights, isn’t above the Constitution.

The police should be a local force. The captain should be elected.

The penitentiary system should be community based and directed towards reformation and paying back damages. House arrest or fenced working zones should be the norm.




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I've also found that living for others is the best way to be invincible to toxic doses of fear, while maintaining healthy doses of fear (not drinking to excess, taking care of one's body etc)

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Could not find the specific link to MK Ultra I wanted, but here is an arguably more relevant info dealing with how scientific the process of mass manipulation shapes societies....and how the elitist were studying this from before WWI. Some excerpts:

> ...Mass media and propaganda are therefore tools that must be used by the elite to rule the public without physical coercion. One important concept presented by Lippmann is the “manufacture of consent”, which is, in short, the manipulation of public opinion to accept the elite’s agenda. It is Lippmann’s opinion that THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS NOT QUALIFIED TO REASON AND TO DECIDE ON IMPORTANT ISSUES. It is therefore important for the elite to decide “for its own good” and then sell those decisions to the masses..... [emphasis mine]

> “...The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. THOSE WHO MANIPULATE THIS UNSEEN MECHANISM OF SOCIETY constitute an invisible government which IS THE TRUE RULING POWER OF OUR COUNTRY..... [emphasis mine]

> ....Artists, creations, and ideas that do not fit the mainstream way of thinking are mercilessly rejected and forgotten by the conglomerates, which in turn makes them virtually disappear from society itself. However, ideas that are deemed to be valid and desirable to be accepted by society are skillfully marketed to the masses in order to make them become a self-evident norm.....

> These products contain carefully calculated messages and symbols which are nothing more and nothing less than entertaining propaganda. The public has been trained to LOVE its propaganda to the extent that it spends its [own] hard-earned money to be exposed to it.

> ....#2 replace the legitimate drive for autonomy and self-awareness [with] THE SAFE LAZINESS OF CONFORMISM AND PASSIVITY.... [emphasis mine]

More here:


Who says Satan [whatever you refer to as darkness] doesn't have the tools to deceive the whole world?!?

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Oh, Ray, let me get this straight.

Are you now on the 'No virus' camp? (Terrain theory)

I thought you were still pretty much on Germ theory and viruses cause disease camp..

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Sep 8, 2022Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

IT's a sad commentary on the state of things that you have to point out these glaringly obvious things. But thanks for doing it. I don't have the patience for it.

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I also believe that the "soft grooming" and "dumming down" by msm

and such but, especially tv has been playing a huge part in today's

"apathy". With msm at large I don't mean "news" but all the inserted "social events" presented with certain suggestive slant that is easy consumed and digested. All part of that the same, old bread and circuses strategy.

It works, always has until the screw is too tight to breathe. Ray, I like how

you put it all in plain language, just how it is. I think most of all we want to understand why their strategies work so well with so many. I think it plays deeply into our human nature in its diversity. The issue gets confused imho

with so many being "educated" which suggests higher awareness but is not necessarily so. Hence we ponder why so many supposedly "clever" people can not see what's being perpetrated to their detriment.

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May 6, 2022Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Ray, this all sounds familiar...


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