Actually it does metter, electro sensitive nano particles can be remotely controlled and directed.

The fact is that in order to build a device you need to be able to control several types of nano materials, and the more you can introduce, the more you can do with them.

For my understanding, graphene and as we can guess, graphene oxide, are means to store electro charges used to feed the hypothetical circuit.

There is also something which they have named S.M.A.R.T. as in “Self Monitor Analyze and Reporting Technology” dust. “Smart dust”, which they can spray with their weather modification programs “see Geoengineering “ .

So yes actually it is quite important to know if you got some of that stuff in your system, and do something to get rid of it.

Pine tree needles tea is one apparent good remedy I have heard of, I am also quite sure that there is more specific homeopathic remedies for it too.

Here a story I wrote some years ago


Read also my “letters from the edge of dystopia” free book on the topic in 8 parts.

Any how thank you for sharing

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The fact is that it has been in these harmful broths they call "vaccinations" for years, along with other chemical toxic substances - and if you delve into literature, and deal with it a little bit more, you know that it has been experimented with for decades - by now you can assume that research has made immense progress in this regard - to deny something like this without having any knowledge of it is pretty naive!












And of course these nanoparticles can come from everywhere, so no one should be surprised that there are more and more sick people - only if you inject them directly into the organism/blood, hopefully everyone can imagine what happens - and the insidiousness was, that not every batch was equally contaminated with these toxic-chemical materials, otherwise people would have found out too quickly what was going on!

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Nov 29, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Dr. Ginger Breggin has, what to me seems a sound theory, as to WHY they'd want graphene in us:


One can skip down to: A More Insidious, Purposeful Result of Immune Exhaustion

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 28, 2023

Ray, What were you like as a child? I bet you questioned almost everything. I mean that in a good way. I so appreciate your skepticism and well-honed critical thinking skills. I hope that when you were quite young, your discernment and curiousity were appreciated by others. You possess a great gift.

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Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. Definitely maybe, LOL! But why? WHY WHY WHY?


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"Does Graphene exist? How does it matter?"

No and no if Scoglio is correct but Graphite (which his paper sets out to prove is all there is evidence for) can do what Graphene has been alleged to be capable of:

1. Network growth via Tesla-phoresis (by definition, electro- conductive)

2. Microscopic (as opposed to nano) self-assembly

3. Tissue damage from shard-like edges for example to blood vessel walls

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I read PM’s post before I saw yours and wanted to comment but couldn’t articulate my opinion at the time. I think I’ve got it now. It’s a philosophical issue. My education was science oriented, so I see things differently than those who have a different background.

There are many things in this world that we can’t directly observe e.g “see” via microscope or telescope. Even some of these tools don’t really “see” things but sense them instead. We (usually scientists) have decided they exist because we can measure them in some way. In the case of GO they have measured electrical properties at a minimum. Sometimes it’s a measurement of that thing’s affect on other things and from what I understand GO is damaging to our cells.

I’m far from a biomedical expert but do think GO and GHO is something we shouldn’t be adding to our bodies.

Still, the point of my comment is that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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“So, does graphene exist or not? As far as the fast-approaching extinction-level-event is concerned, it doesn’t matter.”

When an individual is convinced that human extinction is a near future inevitability, plenty of physical and social phenomena don’t matter. “What DOES matter?” becomes the most important question. And it’s a question that doesn’t have a consensual answer.

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“... the human mind can only build cognitive models for closed systems...”

I don’t believe that axiom.

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Nov 28, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

sorry did not have time to read yet, but could not help but see that this information is relevant - graphene naturally occurring on pollutant particles in jet exhaust...


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Hope you don't mind Ray, but I'm going to do a Horvath. I've thought that Scoglio is worthy of very careful consideration since he first emerged on the international scene in the interview with Torsten Engelbrecht referenced in my comment on Proton's post:


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Nov 28, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

Whether it exists or not, I trust no globalist experts or WEF clowns or medical superiors.

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