Divine intervention. NO other way at this point. Hell awaits the wicked. Hope their ready to meet their eternal spouse.

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As time goes on and there is many new toxins being released deliberately on the planet along with the weakened immune systems from the gene jab they will be able to call the sicknesses covid related and push to pandemic bullshit forever. The brain washed will fall for it hook line and sinker and there will be very little chance to convince them otherwise. They are in the grip of fear and or are brain washed beyond reason or convincing.

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yup, I'd seen that post but I'm not sure WHAT the micro plastics look like but I think someone also wrote up the same phenomenon in CA--an' thought it was some sort've gel / Morgellons triggerin' entity... I do think they're showerin' us with various recipes--fer disaster! (eek / duck!)

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I agree with most stated here, especially the part about the enablers being blind about how fast they will be tossed under the wheels when their work is done.

AI? It's a threat, but not as menacing as everyone seems to want to believe. It's being assigned boogeyman status. I don't buy it. Why? I work with AI. Yes it can automate many things, cull data efficiently, and be a high speed tool for real-time tracking/evaluation. Making it work and "think" is hard - very hard and the concept of it building itself is still very sci-fi. We struggle with little hang-ups constantly. The super-intelligent hive mind is a long way out. The inevitable showdown may get some AI assistance on their side, but it's not the most important concern. I'm most concerned about sheeple and chinovniks, especially politician chinovniks.

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yes indeedy--someone (Mike Adams?) tested the rainwater recently--whatta mess! plastics, nano metals, graphene hydrogels and lordy know what-all showed up (guess what is annointin' them "victory" gardens...) --so sad as this was the way folks saved water fer centuries.... Guess we should call 'em Spite Gardens---or rather Spike Gardens (still too proud to call defeat but no clean water washes off all that toxic junk)

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yup, thankfully you can make yer own with pure spring water an' dissolved "real" salt...

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I'd like to add, I think the entire explosion, besides being deadly itself, will serve as a cover for vaccine related illness, they can blame these "unfortunate" calamities that poisoned the air.

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There might not be any herd immunity but surely there is herd stupidity and I was part of it most of my life.

The real drama is that elite's logic is much easier to correct than herd's. Nobody living within a herd mentality will happily admit to herd induced mistakes, let alone correcting them.

But some day a word from a friend may come unexpectedly to one of the herd.

When it happened for me I was in denial. But the more I investigated this challenging idea the more I found confirmations for my benefactor's thesis.

This American Republic is a gift. It's the elites brainchild 100 %. They rightfully earned their intellectual rights over America, their earthly mini paradise. They also have moral rights over it, per the famous anecdote with Benjamin Franklin, "a republic if you can keep it."


The elites posted their religious requirement on all the US bank notes. It mean that we the users of the banknotes will enjoy their circulation as long our trust will be God.

Because the elite's position is so different from herd's, their religious demands are also different, as encoded in this quote.

"Give what is Caesar's to Caesar and what is God's to God". Here we understand that the elites raison d'être is to challenge people's faith in God, as we saw happened in the history. There is no way around it for either classes. It's a symbiosis that can turn to a conflict in no time.

Unfortunately, our raison d'être as a herd is to judge the elite like there is no tomorrow instead dedicating our lives to soul searching today, when there is still a minimal peaceful symbiosis left.

If we rightfully fear the super technological elite's dictatorship so much, imagine how much more we need to fear our personal sin's dictatorship.

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Very good record of the status Ray! About the blowing up the train cars, I suspect it was to conceal evidence of some kind. Explosives that caused the wreck or the chemical inferno? If explosives were later found in the dust and dirt that would be the best cover. Otherwise there is no reason to blow them up. Like 9.11, each step has a cover-up explanation or the material/video (Pentagon) was removed.

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This a complete synopsis of where we are.

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At least some are beginning to wonder if they’re seeing a repeat of 9/11. It’s more like a continuation, but that was also a continuation.

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We won't have to worry about running out of food since 250 million people east and south of East Palestine will be dying over the next few months!


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I think ya hit it all there --an' it's a loooong hit list an' as ya say, the thugs (thuggees!) 'r puttin' their dang fingerz 'round our ever-lovin' necks... I covered the "infrastructure" takedown purdy recently here -- https://thcsofdaisymoses.substack.com/p/trains-and-boats-and-planes -- so I'm also puttin' "Do You See What I See" on the broken wreck-urd stereo.... I think they are gettin' desperate uppin' the ante (they are not de-feeted, no sirree, but a few folks blinked so them baddies 'r in a HURRY). Folks best wake up fast tho--there ain't no Blue Fairy ta save us, project Blue Beam comin' to the Sky Drive-in near ALL OF US!

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Toxic spraying

Unlike the COVID PLANdemic, spraying us from aeroplanes/drones with fungal spores1, viral aerosols, bioweapons, dioxins and toxic chemicals doesn’t pass the conspiracy litmus test of not harming themselves. Until someone comes up with a plausible mechanism by which a mason don’t “shoot his foot”, it’s not a a proven conspiracy, but another conspiracy theory.


About weather changing and other topics:




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Excellent summary, Ray.

Seems to me that the only explanation (Earth-bound explanation, anyway) is that the psychopathic powers that be (TPPTB) fully intend to completely wreck the biosphere as they make their way into their long-term survival bunkers. Their hope and prayer is that Gaia can and will make repairs and heal itself, so that TPPTB can one day emerge from their lairs and repopulate.

I see no other rationale that makes sense...

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Today I glanced over my shoulder to look at the sky while driving over the reservoir. Within that small square of the window I clicked 6 planes doing their geoengineering thing at the same time. Imagine how small that sky vector is. Elsewhere in the sky more planes were flying even two that made a perfect ‘X marks the spot’ right above my home.

Of course the sky quickly created humus cumulus clouds! And at dusk the usual red and orange glow came only possible with sulfur.

From Brittanica

Sulfur injection essentially would mimic the atmospheric effects that follow volcanic eruptions. The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, often cited as the inspiration for this concept, deposited massive amounts of particulate matter and sulfur dioxide (SO2) into the atmosphere. This aerosol layer was reported to have lowered average temperatures around the world by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) over the following few years. The production of such an artificial aerosol layer could be accomplished by shooting sulfur particles into the stratosphere with cannons or dispersing them from balloons or other aircraft.

Three years ago at the start of convid the sky graffiti became a concerted effort here for TPTB. Over the last 6 months since WEFer Kabbalist Rich was selected as PM as Truss retained some conservative values, the black lines and orange skies have become a daily event.

Interestingly, there is a cough going about young children which they’re not shaking. It’s not viral or bacterial or I would have become Sick too.

Thing about Prep, unless you’ve stashed away enough until 2030, you will eventually succumb to hunger like everyone else. And anyway, who would want to survive to live in their 15 minute digital panopticon prisons anyway?

I’m going to send my adult children and grandkids to Africa. I think anywhere. ANYWHERE IN THE WEST AND CENTRAL AMERICA WILL BE TARGETED.

Now something strange. At the very start, my daughter had a prophetic vision. We all got a boat to get out of Britain. It was the only way out. On the boat my son-in-law were arguing about where to go. I of course, wanted to go home to America. But he insisted we’d not be safe there and must instead go to Africa. Where he hails from.

Reality is getting too close to her version. See Germany closing down their airports. See Vee rates in Africa. See African nations pushing back vs Pandemic treaty.

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