The only thing that matters now is how to flush the GO out of the body. I see no way to do this. None

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Excellent post Ray.

I settled on and have been saying the same...you are to be your own doctor and savior - second only to Christ and God.

Where I may differ with you (but doubt it), is that I think all the research, investigations and information is helpful and needed - like a road map - for me to decide what my path and journey will be. Getting reports of washed out bridges (mRna in foods and Gates' spray for vegetables/fruit) allows me to change course.

I honestly don't think we will ever get "to the bottom of things", unless we gather the involved parties and "extract" the truth from them - I'm sure many would volunteer for the duty - including me.

I've decided, as I have said many times, since the species survived and thrived long before the white coats came along - my answer is returning to that simple model (as much as is possible in todays chemical-verse) and relearning the art of knowing and listening to my body. Ten generations ago, the medical issues of today, either were non-existent or so rare, they were virtually unknown. I feel like I've made great progress on this regressive practice, in the last 20 years or so.

Last note. I knew several people (decades before covid0, who were given the diagnosis of exclusion - IBS. Back then the doctors said the quiet parts out loud - "IBS is what we call it, when you have gastric distress, we've done all the tests/exams and still can't find the cause of it". The remedy, of course, was to just treat the symptoms.

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Errors and confusion are the landmarks of sincere humans. Lockstep (safe and effective) is the landmark of top down control.

The conspirators need do little to inject errors into the resistance since errors are natural when the resistance must guess and hypothesize while the conspirators don't need to. . .they know their intent.. Generally, far fetched ideas are injected via the controlled opposition so as to convince the minions and sheep that the resistance is IDIOTIC and should be dismissed.

Thusly, the sheep and minions don't even look into the arguments of the resistance. In reality, the resistance doesn't need to get the details of vaxxx poisoning RIGHT. All they need to do is convince the public that "safe and effective" was a bald faced LIE!

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We do not have answers yet and need to be open to all possibilities. The enemy has many tools in his arsenal. If indeed they are working to reduce the population by 90%, they are going to come at us from all directions.

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Disparaging all resistance except yourself is suspect.

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Thank you for sharing these insights.

Quick question.

You stated:

"There are magnificent studies of both injected and uninjected human blood"

Would it be possible for you to provide details (links to publications, etc.) of the studies that have been published?

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Dr. Akyldiz brags about how he created the graphene backbone to turn us all into an internet of bodies. The confession is infinitely detailed, explaining how everything works in the body.

Never seen anything so murderously insane in my life.

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Ceci est un dé-lire total. Il n'y a pas de micro ou de nano robots, il n'y a que des MICROZYMAS. Les microzymas sont la plus petite unité de vie. Ils sont visibles au microscope, c'est Anotoine Béchamp qui les a découvert à la fin du XIX ième siècle. Personne n'a jamais vu de graphène., l'article de Stefa,p Scoglio l'explique très bien.

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As one myself, I appreciate a fellow cynic’s perspective. You go Ray! I am disappointed in most people who are public with their findings and don’t believe that many of our alt experts are spot on. It’s like describing a colour, takes too many words and references and gets boring. Plus they are obsessed with whatever they are involved with and being right.

As such I believe, everybody needs to learn discernment, and know when to look away. I am aware of things promoted by all media, but prefer to focus elsewhere.

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Do you listen to Sabrina Wallace at PsiEnergy ...

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13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. if the spiritual realm exists .... these highly intelligent astute elites are being decieved and lead to believe they are doing their gods " baal " work and will be rewarded in their next incarnation or go to paradise... this is what their priests tell bthem that its their duty to god to subjugate the half human beasts " and now due to the gene altered humans " vvaxxed" dont qualify as humans made in Good Gods image and likeness anymore , they may do whatever they please with us vaxxed " no more human rights " just as we treat the animals , they may now treat us . they are lead to believe they can escape karma " as you sow so shall you reap " their evil mastermind intelligence "{ satan ] is orders of magnitude more evil intelligent than they are, " satan " the nature of is sado machocistic pshycopath who hates everything the good God created including himself and wishes the complete destruction of everything including life itself, non existance //.... we are instructed by the existance of goodness to pray for their salvation from evil ,,, praying and wishing them to return to goodness and truth, and everyone else too... ps what good is owning the whole world " temporal" and loseing our eternal soul ??? its the worst dumbest idiotic imbisilic " deal " in all eternity and in the known and unknown universe

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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are worth reading! Now that's got it all figured out perfectly! It should be taught!

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I think we should reflect on who created, who took control of the pharmaceutical industry and who took control of medical education. From then on, traditional medicine , as practised by the Chinese, became a laughing stock. But since they have over a billion people, we have to accept that it cannot be that bad. As for medical training, it is worth reflecting on how many different specialities there are. One is an ophthalmologist, another a surgeon, another ... etc. Sharing so that everyone has some understanding of their own field.

Let us not consider those who are with us as enemies! They are putting as much as they can on the table. You may be familiar with the Russian story of "stone soup". If not, I will tell you in a sentence or two. A wanderer enters a village and starts cooking in the main square. He takes a kettle and three stones. The people of the village gather to see what the stranger is doing. They ask. He tells them that he is cooking stone soup. What is that like, the people ask? So the stuff boils in the cauldron, the man tastes it. They ask what it's like. Is it cooked? He says it's not boiled yet, but it would be better with a little salt. Someone brings him some. And then the same thing happens again, in the end, everything from the vegetables to the meat is in the cauldron by the time it's cooked! They've gotten together what they needed and end up with a good "stone soup". Here too, everyone puts in what they can, and in the end the truth will be proven!

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Ray, have you covered dental damage? Please link me if you have.

Thank you.

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Oct 20, 2023Liked by Ray Horvath, "The Source" :)

To be honest, it’s always amazed me that somehow everything works, maybe not as optimal as we would like but somehow the wheel keeps on turning. When I see all of the broken systems, lies, deception, and more.....my first thought is how the hell did we all make it so far. How does daily life and needs somehow get met in a world of nonsense?

Maybe it’s always been this way. Good versus Evil. Maybe it is divine. Maybe it’s a simulation. But somehow the wheel keeps on turning and I suspect it will continue way past our days.

What my heart says is that no matter what, my purpose is to live by my choices and leave this world with my soul. I will not comply nor bend to government tyranny and pray humanity will do the same.

I don’t know if it was an evil cabal who has poisoned us all and truthfully I don’t care. I just want the world to acknowledge that we are all sick, poisoned, lied too and more and we need to focus on how to stop and reverse the damage.

I want anyone who has an idea or way to help to be heard regardless of what side they are on and that’s why I really do appreciate your writings. We all need to think for ourselves and get information from all directions in hopes we can help save us all from this sickness.

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Really great article. I question the ‘goodies’ frequently. I can’t confirm or deny the microscopy issue regarding blood anomalies of foreign structures as I’m not a researcher. However, high levels of radiation and microwaves will damage the blood and cause clots. I have 13 years of dealing with direct experiences of harm caused by a cia doctor, so I have a specific and unique perspective.

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