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Hi Ray!

Just before Christmas of 2021, Law C-2 was pushed at the very last session of the Parliament. Under the cover of pandemic preparedness, Point 4. includes the confinement at will of the provinces by non elected bureaucrats and, among other horrors, the cut of social benefits (retirement, social security, un-employment, etc.) of the non vaccinated and the interdepartmental exchange of Canadians’ personal data, a premise to a Centralized Digital Identity.

In her recent post, Sasha Latypova referred to Kathryn Watts’ findings on US laws, which have also been gradually changed throughout the years, leading to a One World govt. The citizens of every countries in the world should do the same chronological exercise in order to prove how they too have been scammed.

Hoping you’re doing good.

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The only move I care about is the one I make and whatever the retards running the world have planned, that ain't it.

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if I remember correctly, the Supreme Court actually bestowed personhood on corporations about 100 years ago? and it was actually something that was transcribed incorrectly but was allowed to stand in the record. I guess I could try to look that up...

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This interview with Michael Nehls explains why your zombified friends cannot hear what you are telling them. the spike protein furin cleavage site was specifically engineered to produce inflammation of the brain, and the Non-Stop narrative programming was designed to replace people's autobiographical self-concept with the freaking narrative. so when you produce evidence against the narrative, they feel like it is an attack on their very being. this interview explains so much. and is consistent with what we already know about brain science.


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Indeed, the psychopaths are creating ghastly things. I stand sovereign on My planet and hope I will not stand alone, that I will stand with Others, whose planet this is too (it belongs to all born here). When enough of Us are standing sovereign, not playing Their game (the only winning move is not to play), the psychopaths will have no power.

I Do Not Consent! (article): https://amaterasusolar.substack.com/p/i-do-not-consent

Under Duress Only (article): https://amaterasusolar.substack.com/p/under-duress-only

Walking the Walk (article): https://amaterasusolar.substack.com/p/walking-the-walk

Walking the Walk Some More (article): https://amaterasusolar.substack.com/p/walking-the-walk-some-more

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Slow Reveal method by Omar Jordan

A Sample Tutorial on How the Slow Reveal Method is being used by the Deepstate Psychopaths.

The vaccines were always meant to be exposed as dangerous, from day one. The vaccines have always been a decoy of sorts.

Eventually (as we see happening) - even many normies are meant to wake up to the dangers of the vaccine so that they can be herded into the new pen.

This is the purpose of the "vaccines are dangerous" slow reveal campaign which starts with the Alex Jones types, then moves to the Joe Rogans and eventually into the mainstream.

Early Treatment will be the acceptable alternative (and ultimately the catalyst to what they wanted all along).

Once enough of the public accepts the "Early Treatment" narrative, they will start to demand it, regardless of whether they are pro-vax, or vax-hesitant normies.

Early Treatment will then eventually lead to Early Detection and that's where all the devices will come in.

At first, they'll be "wearable devices" say for example one that can detect that you've been infected with COVID before you're symptomatic based on a rise in whatever (heart rate, hormone level, a rise or fall in a certain cell count, etc). The public may even go as far as demanding that these wearable devices become mandatory because it's better than forcing vaccines on people, right? Come on, it's just a device. Wear it.

Eventually, the wearable devices tech will evolve into different versions, such as an implant and that will all be tied to the blockchain and your social credit score, naturally. Take it a step further - a Carbon Credit system will be implemented as well.

Guys like Steve Kirsch will be the ones who insist that HE can take care of the "Digital Security" (OneID) piece of things. For the public's security and safety, of course. So that all of your data is private, safe and secure.

The pharma drugs are just a small stepping stone in this much larger game.

They will continue to push this "Early Treatment" trope until more and more of the public is on board and the fence sitters are swayed.

How will this be done? One of the main ways is to continue to reveal the vaccines as dangerous. This is imperative

The vaccines must be dangerous in order to come up with a solution to the problem.

If more and more people start to understand that the COVID vaccines are dangerous, then several things will happen.

1) They will feel better about all other vaccines (which are not as dangerous in comparison), and thus normalize them.

2) They will demand alternative (early) treatments - usually in the form of Toxic Drugs. These will be considered safe and acceptable thanks to drug dealers like Steve Kirsch, Dr. Zelenko and Peter McCullough.

3) The public will become so terrified of the dangerous COVID vaccines that they will accept with open arms, the new beast system. Early Treatment -> Early Detection -> Health Devices -> BioDigitial ID -> Blockchain -> Carbon / Social Credits

In order for the above to happen, the Public must slowly grow to become more and more outraged which will happen gradually, over time and the "Vaccines are Dangerous" Narrative will continue to grow as well, until it is more and more mainstream.

Like I said, it starts in the underground truth community then bubbles up into mainstream conspiracy circles Alex Jones / David Icke

then up to the Joe Rogans and mainstream social media (Twitter) Youtube, etc

So, naturally they will ride in on their white horses with the solutions - to fix the issue with the vaccines so that this terrible tragedy never happens again. We need more safety studies.

More scientific institutions. Better leaders.

Fix the breakdown in chain of command / supply line issues (or whatever). We need to create a Department of Blah Blah Blah to oversea this issue

We need BioDIGITAL ID that can not only alert you that you've been infected with CoViD. Remember, Dr. Kaufman already has a patent on a device that can detect "sentient events" soon they'll be able to detect your thoughts and if you've gone "crazy" - they'll come help you.

Now, let's say you don't want to wear one of these "devices" well, you will be disconnected from society, naturally. Whole Foods won't allow you into their store to do your grocery shopping unless you have a "COVID SAFE ANKLE BRACELET" or whatever device they deem is appropriate.

and in order to prevent hacking and counterfeitting / fraud, then naturally you will need a BioDigital ID.  To verify that it's you and you're not infected.

A digital passport of sorts. We need to monitor everyone (for public health and safety). So the last piece is to just tie the currency to all of that.

Which is blockchain / Carbon Credits (for the environment) and then your Social Credit score (which is why you won't be able to access the internet without an internet passport)

The mask was a trial run. One of the main ones was to see how the public would respond when being told they must wear some sort of device.

It was also meant to present an extreme version of a thing to the public, so that when the lesser one comes next, they'll gladly accept it.


But the ankle bracelet?  Oh, they will LOVE it

ppl will be posting on social media with photos of their new covid ankle bracelet

Each step will lead to the next.

Vaccines Bad -> Drugs Good -> Early Treatment -> Early Detection -> Wearable Devices -> Bio/Digital ID -> BioSurveillance -> Blockchain -> Digital Currency -> Carbon Credits -> Social Score -> Internet Passports

maybe throw in a few psyops to help them speed all of that up (like COVID, or perhaps a Cyber Terrorist attack)

These people are so predictable. It's sad that most people can't catch on to their obvious scams

It must be this or that Black or White

The vaccines are dangerous, so these people must be right.

99% of the public is engaged in Dialectical Thinking. They can't think outside the box. They literally do not have the mental capacity to consider more than 2 possibilities for any given situation.

Credit: Omar Jordan of Darkside Papers Chat

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Checkmate? Thank you for calling me out, lol, as I'm Czech!


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You've put forward what's been and is in the 'works'. Would you or any others call that living, worth living?

I doubt it. Not for me.

The Bible organizes my thoughts about all this.

Some people are destroyers and they...destroy.

The Bible indicates that Mammon opposes God, caring, goodness.

The two groups oppose. Evil is being allowed to show itself.

It IS.

I love the other way, will live as much as I can the other way,

and dying just isn't the big deal people think. Living is hard to do properly.

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Ah, velly interestin'! The coddled-sil ta this twisted "will an' testy-mint" is that if corporations have "personhood" then persons are no more'n "entities" that kin be dissolved contractually with a stroke've the pen. I guess if they cain't define "whut iz a woman"--they soitenly cain't define "whut iz a human"-- this is "on porpoise" as their entire point (in the whacky whirled of dismantling humanity AND makin' us all cyber-trans-humans an' NOT human...) is to dehumanize us beyond recognition... an' therefore all global health "control" is just "corporate management..."--bizness as usual ta them--both convenient an' sinister of course :-(

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